The SICH Project is coordinated by Expert System and developed in cooperation with RiSSC – Research Centre on Security and Crime and an Advisory Board of experts.

Expert System is the semantic software company that specializes in helping organizations gain insight and intelligence from information.
The patented, award-winning Cogito® semantic technology is at the heart of all Expert System products, powering solutions that, by increasing effectiveness in acquiring, transforming and interpreting text-based information, unlock the value of big data for better decision making.

RiSSC is a no-profit Research Centre (association), funded in 2005, and dealing with security and crime.
RiSSC aims to contribute at promoting social and cultural development on crime prevention by means of research activities, education/training initiatives and technical assistance projects on the most relevant criminal phenomena and their trends, on the causes/factors that facilitate crime and anti-social behaviour, and on the countermeasures to prevent/reduce both criminal opportunities and criminal impact.
It involves a network of experts and researchers who contribute to a multi-disciplinary approach.