SICH Semantic Illegal Content Hunter
SICH project specific objective is to discover illegal content on the Internet through use of semantic analysis on pages' textual content.

Explorations and searchs on web page or web site containing illegal content, using keyword searches and texts manual analysis, are highly error-prone in precision, dramatically slow and rapidly obsolete, making impractical the examination of thousands of new files that may appear on WEB everyday.
The ineffectiveness of these activities is due to the impossibility, by the end user, during texts analysis, to recognize, identify and quickly use the peculiar terminology of specific domains.
For example, if user tried to search on google "Black Mamba", he would obtain as results, documents refering to a particular type of snake. Only after exploring many resulting documents, user could find webpage/websiter refering to a psychoactive substance with same name.
This means that the end user, only after many attempts, will acquire a knowledge allowing him to accurately identify occurrences of the concept "Black Mamba" referring to a particular drug.
What would happen if the user had this type of knowldege automatically?

SICH's main objective is to make available to the end user, specific knowledge of three domains: Xenofobia/Racism, Online Illegal Gambling e Novel Psychoactive Substances - NPS in order to identify occurrences of concepts connected to these domains, regardless of the form in which they appear within the text.
In these contexts, use of semantic analysis is particularly suitable.
If you are not familiar with this approach, to learn more you can: SICH enable end users to recover illegal contents among the myriad of contents on the Internet.
Currently, the world wide web hosts 6,80 billion of indexed documents and the web 2.0 (prevalently used by most Internet users) contributes to increasing the speed of creation/deletion of WWW new contents.
Illegal Content is not, however, limited to the sexually explicit and unlawful content/media, but it includes also contents offensive or prodromal to illegal behaviours or activities; moreover, in EU countries, there is a legal and regulatory uniformity that allows to uniformly handle this problem.

At present, LEA, research institutions, the media and international organizations active in the knowledge of the illegal content online may encounter great difficulties in collecting and managing the mass of documents / contents related to a specific topic and / or crime. For these reasons, tools to support the analysts in the identification, selection and analysis of illegal online content can drastically improve the learning curve of a phenomenon; tools that can, ie, "hunt", illegal content hidden within the plethora of textual content on the Web.
Using a strategic tool as SICH offers its users the possibility to achieve a better and faster understanding on Internet crime, to provide prompt responses in investigations, to analyze trends and support cooperation between experts, LEAs and private actors.